Dating back to 1814, Richmond started in Galle as an English elementary school of the Wesleyan Methodist Mission. It was a school conducted on the British system of education. In 1833 all schools were taken over by the government implementing the Colebrooke-Cameron Commission report of 1831. The Mission lost control of the school but not the school was not lost or closed. The Anglo-vernacular school continued. In 1843 the Government handed back the school to the mission and the Methodist Mission once again took over the superintendence. With the purchase of the hill in 1857 all schools attached to the parent school (conducted from different locations for want of space) in Galle were moved to the hill. In 1876 this Anglo-vernacular school was upgraded to a superior school and in 1882 named Richmond. Dawn of year 2014 will make Richmond 200 years old.

Speaking of our history many people believed, and some still do, that the Missionaries first landed in Weligama and not Galle. Way back in the sixties a group of people went to the extent of marking the place of arrival as Weligama. Fortunately, Rev. Small who was alive at the time intervened to correct the situation. This incident alone is enough proof of the confusion people had about the history and no wonder we overlooked the first sixty two years.

The historical background of the school from the time the Missionaries arrived in Ceylon, is given with reference to all the historical documents.

missionary arrival - 1814

The Beginning - 1814

Years - 1814 ~ 1850

years - 1850 ~ 1876

years - 1877 ~ 1882